Mandy + Kevin / Deep Creek MD Engagement

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I know I have been slow to share new work. That’s going to change, because I have so much from the past season that needs to be seen. So, this is me saying sorry. I’ll be better about it. In my defense, the past year has been a blur.

I got married.

I traveled. A lot.

I shot so much, I didn’t know where to begin blogging.

So I’m starting here. Where Mandy and Kevin took me out to their lake house. A beautiful, creative couple. Another photographer. Amazing cabin on the lake. They invite me out for a day. For a meal. And they open up to me, in front of my camera and over tacos and some drinks.

It all seems like little things, but I am thankful for each of them. And that so many people allow me to put all these little things together and tell a little story through my photos.

I heart them.

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Mandy We heart you! Thank you so much for these photos Gabe! You are the best! <3

Veronica Varos Love every single image. They’re so beautiful together!

Joseph Hall Lovely photos, lovely location. love the first photo and the dogs swimming!

Nirav Beautiful my friend.

Eric Ronald You have a real skill for capturing real emotion in you shots. Great work!

Sinereh Soleimani Beautiful session Gabe! And what a good looking couple 🙂

Damian Burcher Really tender set, love the bare feet.

Rachelle Wonderful images. I love how you captured a quiet energy between them – really intimate and lovely.

Anton Chia Romantically beautiful.

Jessie Barefoot pictures!!! Love these for the beauty and the emotion!

Heather E Gabe these are absolutely beautiful. The light, the moments. Everything. You should be proud of this one.

Amber Hughes Beautiful light and connection between these two. Nicely done

lisa lacroix The love for each-other is so apparent in this session. Good work!

David Campbell Beautiful work Gabe. So much emotion in each photo!

ed peers Superb session Gabe.

Kim These portraits are gorgeous, they are absolutely ADORABLE, and I really, really want her hair!

Sachin Love the vibe throughout these Gabe. Great to see your work as always .. keep blogging man .. looking forward to the next one!

Jessie Mary Love the story you captured.

Joel C Adelaide Lovely back light, beautiful location.

Kevin Quinlan I love Deep Creek. What a beautiful/peaceful location for a photoshoot. Nice shots 🙂 I recognize the spot on the rocks in the beginning

Rhys Parker Incredible. I love the backlighting, it really adds to the emotion you managed to capture. Great work!

K. Morgan Love the no. 15 shot. Nice session.

Ruben Nuñez Really nice and natural! I look the images on the dock.

Jonas Karlsson wow thats gorgeous. love your use of film

Elizabeth Moore I love all the colors, and how you captured all the great little details! I’m a sucker for the dogs as well, and I adore the dock shot! 🙂

Nottingham Wedding Photographer You really managed to capture some great moments. So romantic

Tim Kolins Very nice.Wow, beautiful!

Jonas Karlsson Love these images. Very rustic and organic feel to it.

Simon Greenstreet Gorgeous images 🙂

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