Brittany + Michael / Georgetown

They’re getting married on New Year’s eve so we are all going to ring it in together.

I can’t wait.

  • Drew W said:

    Geez I love that color! That second to last shot is pure gold

  • Joshua Gull said:

    Last shot is money Gabe. Great set from start to finish though. NYE wedding FTW.

  • Graymask said:

    This a beautiful set. I like you use of the sun light, very bold.

  • Magan Blasig said:

    Gabe, very beautiful engagement! How exciting to have a New Year's eve wedding!

  • Sally said:

    These are gorgeous! The fourth one down on the left is my fave - stunning!! And, yeah - so jealous that you get to shoot a New Year's wedding! :)

  • Jason Lloyd said:

    Great lighting control Gabe, you make it look so easy! Really beautiful images, they are very lucky to get you on new years eve!!

  • Never disappointed by your work Gabe. Always a pleasure to be here!

  • sam hurd said:

    love the tall grass. love this area too!

  • James Bitz said:

    Love the light!
    Such a happy couple too. Great set overall.

  • Gabe, another wonderful session.the tomes have such creamy goodness :)

  • Totally love your style. Beautiful photos. Gorgeous light.

  • Matthew said:

    Really digging your style, beautiful light!

  • Rich said:

    very cool!

  • Vida Carson said:

    Really gorgeous light in these, Gabe.

  • Dude, you are the master of tones. Skin tones and light tones that is. I seriously love it. Brilliant work as usually.

  • Heather said:

    Wonderful! I love those field shots, the lighting is amazing.