Heather + Larry / Virginia Engagement

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I have some special posts to finish up this week. Work that I have done not just for myself, but for my dear friends.

Heather and Larry are exactly that. Heather is Sarah’s sister. They are wonderful friends and part of my family, and they are getting married at the end of next month. My friend Kat is going to photograph their wedding.

They might not know it, but I think I’m most excited about the food at their wedding. I’ve been dreaming about it ever since they told me about some sort of bacon station that’s happening.

I’m excited.


  • Sarah said:

    This was such a fun day...it makes me that much more excited for their wedding!

  • Kat Braman said:

    love love love :) Can't wait for next month! So incredibly honored to be shooting their wedding.

  • Kat Braman said:

    wait, there's a bacon station!? AWESOME

  • Anni said:

    These are absolutely beautiful. Lovely work as always.

  • JESSIE said:

    Love these.... especially that first one in the field where she is resting her head on his shoulder. So much love and happiness.

  • Heather said:

    The baconater is going to be amazing!!

  • Gina said:

    Very pretty setting and and I love the soft light.

  • tobiah said:

    beautiful photographs and processing

  • Nora said:

    Cute couple. Especially love the shot in the field with the big tree between them. Very creative.

  • Steve Koo said:

    Lovely, Gabe. The fourth one from the top is a fave!

  • Paul said:

    Nice work Gabe. I love the one with the tree in the middle and them on either side.

  • geneoh said:

    Love that shot with the tree. Great work, bro!

  • Tenielle said:

    Magic field perhaps? Killer Gabe!

  • coler said:

    Killer. Gangster. Love it.

  • Mike said:

    This is vary nice share Thanks..

  • Love it. Really dig this one: http://gabeaceves.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/engagement039.jpg

  • Andy Bang said:

    I like how there's a subtle sense of playfulness in these photos. Like the framing and their expressions are both fun, but I can also see a love story through the photos.