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I do my best here to write and show how grateful I am.

Grateful to my clients for trusting me. For baring a little piece of their soul to me and my camera when we are together. For being themselves and allowing me to capture it the best I can.

But sometimes I am not able to describe a day or a couple in a way that would do them justice.

So I’ll leave you with a few words from Kristen + Danny who put their faith in me for a few hours at the Shenandoah River earlier this summer.

“In working with Gabe something astonishing happened: we found ourselves. We found our wedding selves. Gabe found a great location that really spoke to us – a creek and field in the George Washington National Forest in Fort Valley, Virginia. We picked our favorite outfits – bathing suits, because we’re sunshine addicts, and relaxed casual clothes. We picked a time of day – a gorgeous summer sunset. All of these things that were our favorites, testaments to what we do and love on a daily basis. Working with Gabe became a discovery process, pure and simple.

We got our photos back from Gabe… and sat in awe as we watched our true selves there on the screen. Not awkwardly posed, but really ourselves. Romantic, sensual, playful, seriously in love, and hanging out like usual — in bathing suits.”

There’s not much more I can say except thank you.

To Kristen + Danny and to all my couples who allow me to help tell their story.

I am humbled to be a part of it.


  • Nessa K said:

    The lighting here is just... wow. It feels like summer all over again.

  • Luis Godinez said:

    Very beautiful. Gabe, you are an inspiration. Keep rockin' it.

  • Brian Davis said:

    Awesome set. The lighting on these is unreal. Never seen an engagement shoot like this before, but loving the idea. Great post.

  • Joshua Gull said:

    So much awesomeness Gabe, and truly beautiful writing to go with the beautiful imagery.

  • geneoh said:

    amazing dude. amazing.

  • So sweet and pretty. I love how happy they are with their experience. So kind of them to send that to you...

  • sam hurd said:

    really interesting set here. superb work as usual! we should throw down next time we're both in town.

  • Eric Yerke said:

    You are talented Gabe. Like really really talented

  • alex said:

    this one really makes me miss summer already :(

    great mood, great light, great couple!

  • These are absolutely gorgeous. I love your clients' words - it's so rewarding knowing that your work makes them feel that way!

  • Tracy Morter said:

    Loving the light! Got some glare going on. I can totally see this couple when growing old together looking back on these and thinking how hot they were!

  • Razvan said:

    Awesome! Well done, Gabe.

  • Christine said:

    I love this. Love, love, love. Your work never ceases to amaze me. Their words just make how fabulous these are even better!

  • Darko said:

    Wow, what a stunning set. The shots of them in the water under the bridge were my favorites but there are so many great shots in here.

  • Absolutely stunning...you can definitely feel the emotion here.

  • ooh la la...great light and hot couple. Photography at its best, Gabe. Well done.

  • Leah Kua said:

    Um.... WOW! I have no words. (except those ones, lol)

  • Awesome, awesome, awesome photos. You're something special for sure.

  • brie said:

    These are stunning! I love everything about them, the light, the location and the couple that are so much in love! Great shots.

  • Lori Wiltse said:

    Wow. Just wow. These are just exquisite. Amazing work, Gabe!

  • Nirav said:

    This is just gorgeous man! Dizam.

  • Heather said:

    Oh, I adore that second to last shot. And those ones where they're mostly submerged is awesome!

  • Erin said:

    this engagement session was lovely. and love that blue trailer.

  • Amber Hughes said:

    This is seriously hot Gabe! Beautiful work

  • Anne Ingman said:

    These are beautiful photos! I love how natural and relaxed the couple seem - you definitely captured their spirit!

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